We are looking for experienced (3y+ year) modern Javascript developers with exposure to blockchain and ideally Ethereum smart contracts in Solidity for two weeks full time in January 2018 (8th-23rd) to contribute to the working prototype of a Dapp as part of a high profile challenge.

We are looking for innovative and creative developers who want to enhance their credentials in the Enterprise blockchain space and are interested in applying cutting edge technologies to our business case.
In case of a successful outcome for this 2-week project, developers involved could then be involved in the next phase, and generally speaking be involved in others of our company’s projects in the future.

The stack is composed of:
• React.js v16 + Redux + Webpack 3/Babel modern Javascript front-end using Bootstrap v4,
• Ethereum enterprise blockchain solution like Quorum, web3 client, Solidity smart contracts and truffle as the development framework,
• And possibly light API in Node.js.

The work will consist in:
• Understanding the business proposal and specification,
• Developing the Dapp/frontend along with relevant ethereum smart contracts,
• Be creative and put forward technical/design/business ideas to enhance the prototype,
• Collaborate with other contributors to deliver the best possible outcome within the two weeks.

Skills required
Modern Javascript, React.js, and ideally Solidity experience,

Redux, Webpack 3, Bootstrap v4, Quorum, Truffle, HTML/CSS, Node.js

Experienced (3y+)
Has worked and delivered projects in similar environment and with similar requirements,

Budget indicatif 500 € à 1.000 €
Publié le 04 décembre 2017 à 18h47
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