Who we are

we connect 1.5 billion active shoppers with the things they need and love. Our technology takes an algorithmic approach to predict what user we show an ad to, when, and for what products. Our dataset is about 50 petabytes in Hadoop (more than 120 TB extra per day) and we take less than 10ms to respond to an ad request. This is truly big data and machine learning without the buzzwords. If scale and complexity excite you, join us.

What is like to work in our R&D?

Criteo’s Product Engineering teams are responsible for building the client-facing products that make Criteo tick.
We're an industry leader in machine learning and deep learning, working on feature extraction, model definition, prediction, recommendation and dynamic creatives. From those we build high scale, real time, low latency systems, serving over 3M QPS, handling over 200 billion http requests on a daily basis. Last, we create the applications, APIs and UIs which provide first class service to our clients & partners (retailers, brands & publishers).

Your Mission

As a full-stack engineer you'll build first-class business self-service products used by our clients to efficiently manage their campaigns. You will also build productivity tools for our internal teams in order to manage an always increasing number of clients and to scale our business.

-Define the web architecture for our customer-facing tools.
-Design, develop, ship and maintain web-based tools for advertisers and publishers as well as internal tools.
-In order to guarantee top quality code, practice code reviews, unit tests, integration tests, end to end tests in a continuous integration environment.
-Use JavaScript libraries (e.g. Redux, RxJS,...), modern languages and frameworks (e.g. Angular, TypeScript, React, CSS3, HTML5), Material Design, testing frameworks (e.g. Jest, Cypress) on a daily basis.
-Roll up your sleeves and help the team on the full stack: you are not afraid of back-end development.
-Work with UX and Product teams to design products that customers love.

Bonus points

You work on personal projects, curious about new technologies
You have experience with developing and extending large and complex systems.
You have worked in Agile environments and are passionate about shipping high quality code!
HTML5 canvas and Flexbox layout have no secrets for you!
You can tell the difference of behavior between Safari, Edge and Chrome

Budget indicatif 500 € à 1.000 €
Publié le 06 novembre 2018 à 11h11
Début du projet Tout de suite

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