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Hi reader,

I am Vincent a French Ruby developer living in Thailand (since 8 years), freelancer since 10 years I've also worked for different companies over the years, I even made my own company with staff recently, but facing the Thai market my partner and I was unable to find proper sales so I'm back to working on my own now.

I know Rails pretty well for working with it since 5-6 years already but I am not limited to Rails and can develop on other frameworks or library.

I'm trying to be a good software engineer, so my main focus is design and TDD, TDD in different flavours, from mockist to classical, from acceptance test to unit ones.

Of course I have experience with markups/CSS and Javascript, and I tend to prefer coffeescript classes to drive design through TDD, that being said I am more incline working on backend work than in the presentation layer.

I work remotely and communication as contrator or part of the company is done with slack, and frequents Skype calls.

I want to emphasize the fact that I am not (anymore) a hacker, all my efforts are directing toward design and changeability, so if you are searching for a cowboy coder that deliver a lot of (dirty) features in no time I won't be a good match for you.

Thanks for reading me so far, If you want to have a talk I am available on Skype at vince94320.
Here's my email ****@**** and LinkedIn profile [URL MASQUÉE]

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