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Data Analyst Junior
I am looking for little projects to keep progressing in the topic and help others to better understand and improve their Business and take suitable decision using data.

How I processed:
- Web data scrapping: I know how extract data from web sites in order to create datasets to be cleaned and analyzed.
-Data exploration: understand the dataset, Highlight errors to be cleaned or quantify null or missing data and ensure that data quantity/quality is enough to perform an coherent analysis.
- Data cleaning: manage properly missing values and values inconsistencies
- Data visualization: Reflect analysis through graphs in order to turn data understandable and take suitable decisions.
- Machine Learning incorporation post analysis: to go further, why not analyze the data and try to perform predictions using some Machine Learning Algorithms?

Programming Knowledge:
In order to make the best analysis possible I have trained and experienced myself to following tools and programming languages:
- Python: data analytics oriented
- SQL: Oracle knowledge, MySQL
- Javascript

I am mostly used to Anaconda suit (Jupyter Notebook, Spider, ...) and for Machine Learning, I am more familiar with Scikit-learn.

On my day to day work, I am employed in a Aeronautical company mostly focused on Project Management topics.

I also speak languages; English, French and Portuguese.

I hope that I can be of some help. Do not hesitate to get in contact with me for any Data analytical /Machine Learning project you may have or for any Project Management support.
I can also help translating text.

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