For a scientific project, we are looking for a JavaScript/Ajax developper.

The project is a dynamic timeline, full page. It must be able to be used on web browsers without plugins, including tactile devices (tablets and smartphones), so good JavaScript skills are required, but there is no mandatory technology for the rest.

Data and controls are pretty simple and fully described in a specification document (in English, here attached), which describes the behavior of the whole webapp.

Data will be stored in a server database, therefore it must be dynamically loaded according to navigation (Ajax calls, in a Google Maps manner).

This mission does not include design, you can use a prototype design of your choice, but appearance logic must be separated in the code in order to be easy to modify and extend.

We are web developpers and already worked on a prototype, so functional specifications are detailed and written on the document. If there are more functional and technical questions, we will be glad to answer them.

Informations ajoutées le 08 décembre 2015 22:46:18 :

Since I received several questions, I just updated the specifications document, regarding in particular:
- Zoom transitions
- Available graphical assets (for the zoom slider, in PNG)
- Available example data (in a SQL dump)
Here is the updated document (dynamic link): [Url visible pour les membres Pro]

Informations ajoutées le 07 décembre 2015 18:13:59 :

Second version of the specifications document.

Fichier joint : Timelinespecifications-20151207(2).pdf

Timelinespecifications-20151207.pdf ajouté le 10 mars 2022 19:19:00

Budget indicatif1.500 à 5.000 €
Publié le07 décembre 2015 à 18h02
Objectif de cette demandeProjet concret et réalisation rapide

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