We are looking for a smart, enthusiastic and practical blockchain smart contract software engineer with a keen interest in current blockchain technology going beyond cryptocurrencies.

We are working in the company Medicalex, which is located in Paris and developing a new product called DAO ECONOMY. This is a platform to help companies to find fundings and develop their businesses in an innovative way.

We need you take an active part in team discussion and code reviews and you will work collaboratively with your colleagues to identify, prioritise and deliver features which bring value to the core platform and application running on top of it. And you will work
closely with the front-end developers, product and go-to-market team.

Job Purpose
Reporting to the founders and project Manager, the Smart Contract Engineer will be responsible to take full ownership or delivery of any technical implementation component required, delivering software code that is built to scope and within the agreed upon goals, as well as, to collaborate with Front-end developers to integrate user-facing elements with server-side logic.

Main Accountabilities
Gather technical requirements and propose solutions based on the product needs.
Work in collaboration with a team of front-end and back-end blockchain developers to build world class web applications and services.
Devlop technical plans, implementation targets and take full ownership or delivery
Collaborate with prospective customers during product demos/evaluations
Develop tools and libraries that will enable rapid and scalable development in the future
Write efficient, scalable and testable code( from concept to code to production).

Developer Qualifications
5+ years of Software Engineering Experience
2+ years of experience with working in blockchain Industry
Demonstrable experience on designing and building production-quality multi-tenant web applications
Demonstrable experience with Object Oriented languages.
Experince in working with Ethereum or other blockchain networkds
Experince with testing smart contract safety
Bitcoin/ Blockchain Knowledge
Implementation experience with Smart Contracts with Solidity
Personal Characteristics
Taking initiative to research and learn emerging technologies
Able to working collaboratively with other team members
Able to quickly fix bugs and solve problems in large, complex apps.
Habitual to write text cases first and then code.
Well - organized with multi-tasking skills.

Budget indicatif Plus de 10.000 €
Publié le 16 mai 2019 à 12h59
Début du projet Tout de suite

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