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I have finished my study at ENSTA PARIS Tech last year. I succeed to get my engineer diploma in computer science. Intereseted by the data, i have chosen to do three things:
- Internships in Data field : CNRS laboratory in a task of conception od a neural network to translate requests from sql language to natural language (french and english in our case), a seconde internship to build a tool that help the library pytesseract to extract text from images (like the recently-created model EAST of pysearchImage library). In this project, i managed to create the dataset using javascript and scrappers
* I had the chance to analyse two types of data in these internships : images and text
-Projects in kaggle platform : a project dealing with the dataset of google (Imagenet) in a labelisation compettion. also i participated in the most knonw competitions such as the task of predicting the prices of houses .
* I had the chance to learn a lot from these experincees dealing with expert in ML Field
- projects in ENSTA like films recommander,clustering and a lot of maths
* Thank you my professors
- my first work experience in a startup: Deploying ML models in production, build microservices to ensure that, Rest Api, Data mining, Feature extraction and selection.
* the best experience i had less

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