My software web application needs your guidance in establishing a fitting brand image, message, and marketing strategy. I require your expert advice what needs to be improved for my webapp frontend (ux). I also require a clear and actionable digital marketing strategy using social media.

The story:
In the USA, used media items such as books, video games, music, and films are popular inventory items to buy and flip for a profit.
The COVID-19 crisis forced many people to provide for themselves by sourcing then flipping such items. Inspired by e-commerce social media influencers, newcomers start without any knowledge on running an Amazon.com seller account.
Although enthusiastic, sellers quickly come to the realization this business requires a large array of knowledge. They become overwhelmed then doubt their abilities.

Our tool, Ludicaa, alleviates some of this decisional overload. We simplify sourcing decisions and pricing decisions down to a couple clicks and visual verification.
In the future, we aspire to target and service sellers all over the world.

Verify and improve target audience personas- July 31st 2021
Create an action plan to re-align the current web app front-end with a coherent brand image. colors, fonts, negative space, overall tone etc. - July 31st 2021
Define a marketing strategy targeting resellers in niche Facebook groups. - August 15th 2021
Define a copy-writing check-list / template for target audience:
Goal is for this document to help write consistent content & marketing messaging. - August 31st 2021
Create an action plan to improve the current web-app UI / UX. - August 31st 2021

I would like to know what you feel comfortable doing for 500€ and 1000€, thank you.

Although not direct competitors, automatic repricing software solutions* do something similar to Ludicaa. However, these automated repricing solutions offer limited repricing strategies, which are not appropriate for used media sellers. Even more so for sellers using the Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) program. Ludicaa does not automatically reprice a seller’s inventory.
*such as: “bqool”, “repriceit”, “repricerexpress”

Customer LTV
We don’t have paying customers yet, these are poorly substantiated estimates.
Average subscription length: unknown. 4 to 12 months (?)
Client MRR : ~25€ Client YRR : ~250€
CAC: unknown. LTV low : 80€ LTV high : 220€

Target persona #1: The reselling newbie
Gender: F Age: 35 to 50 Area: USA
Interests: Book selling, garage sales, flea markets, reselling, e-commerce.
Influencers: Crazy Lamp Lady Facebook group, Romer the Roamer, Steve Raiken
Where they are: Facebook groups, pages, youtube, Instagram (?)
Characteristics: Prefer sourcing inventory rather than managing it. Mostly inexperienced with computers. Can at most manage basic Excel spreadsheets and that’s about it.
Problem: They thought reselling items for profit is a fast and easy way to grow capital. It’s not easy. They feel overwhelmed by the market knowledge and software they must learn.

Target persona #2: The reselling enthusiast
Gender: F & M Age: 25 to 45 Area: USA
Interests: business growth, software automation, flea markets, garage sales, retail arbitrage.
Influencers: Romer the Roamer, Steve Raiken, Reezy Resells, Caleb Roth
Where they are: Facebook groups, pages, youtube, Instagram
Characteristics: Have at least sold a couple thousand dollars worth of inventory. Have an understanding of inventory management. Want to achieve 100k USD gross sales per year.
Problem: They need to delegate time consuming parts of the business to software or people. They want to dedicate more time to acquiring inventory.

USP: save time, make more money, focus on sourcing inventory.
No other software specifically tailors their pricing strategies for used media resellers.
Our software:
Makes complex product historical data easily digestible even by computer newbies.
Simplifies this entire pricing estimate process down to a couple clicks per product, without the need to purchase (and learn!) multiple third party products.
Save lots of time, and accurate bulk pricing estimates possible.
Allows you to easily outsource price estimates by using our software (eg: virtual assistants). You no longer need to take lots of time to train someone to make pricing decisions.

What does success look like
Our software is in a public testing phase. We wish to have all the good branding fundamentals ready by the time we launch (probably early september) and execute the marketing strategy action plan.
The current goal is to have 200 monthly recurring customers.

Agency/Freelance selection process
- Agent or Freelance MUST be registed and located in the European Union.
- For accounting reasons, I must pay the invoice before the 30th of June 2021.
- Please provide previous work experience highlighting your impact as a marketer.
- Please provide provide work examples highlighting your UX expertise.

Budget indicatif500 € à 1.000 €
Publié le22 juin 2021 à 09h38
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