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My name is Rami Bouabid, I am 27 years old, I am a full-stack Java / Angular developer engineer, I have 5 years of experience at Vermeg which is a software editor specializing in the field of finance and insurance.
2. I worked on a project for 5 years between July 2016 and May 2021, it consisted in setting up two life insurance platforms allowing advisors to manage client portfolios, for Zurich insurance Insurance Group UK is a Swiss client based in England.
3. This project consists of 2 independent applications each having a monolithic architecture.
4. I was part of a team of 10 people composed of: 1 po / 1 scrum master / 2 ba / 6 dev
5. And to be more flexible in the face of customer requests and changes, we followed the Agile / scrum methodology with two-week sprints by participating in the 4 types of Scrum ceremonies. (daily meeting every day / sprint planning to negotiate the backlog / a customer demo at the end of each sprint / a retrospective to identify points that could be improved.)
6. Personally I held the role of full-stack developer with a supervisor cap on one of two applications, where I did the follow-up, the code review, the backlog management using the Jira tool,
7. Regarding my technical cap, I participated in all phases of the project, namely:
a) The design and development of new interfaces ensuring the visual and functional ergonomics of the site using Angular version 5.
b) Adaptation of the site for tablets & mobiles in Responsive Design
c) Development of REST WebServices with Spring.
d) I also helped improve the application's Unit Test coverage by relying on TDD with the Junit tools on the Back side and Jasmin on the Front side.
e) I provided the Production Support part by always communicating with the customer using the Snow tool
f) I also participated in the test and validation phase (integration / non-regression / performance) of the preMep solution
g) I had also attended Workshops with the client in Luxembourg and London in order to validate the interfaces and graphic models.

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