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I am a full stack developper with 9 years of experience. I like to get paid only on the result. I have extensive experience building mobile-first responsive websites and applications. I have specialized in Serverless, EmberJS/NODEJS/ AngularJS/MongoDB/Javascript/Djangon/Python and Php frameworks like : Laravel and Symfony, data-visualization, the express middleware. I am fluent and familiar with API REST FULL, HTML5 and CSS3, as well as CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS) and the Adobe Suite. I am also great at using twitter bootstrap to rapidly prototype web applications in responsive design. I am using also Google Material Design which is the futur of the design for me.

For your simple angular.js app, I can finish it within 10~15 hours.

My primary skills and it the best that I do it : - Angularjs / NodeJS/ MongoDB
I excel at : Amazon EBS, S3, EC2, SES, RDS, SQS
I also experience in for 3 years in : Objective C and Java Android developpement
I can provide services in : PHP,Restful API, Google Web Tool Kit, Django,
Of course I am familiar with Github.

I am comfortable working with both relational SQL databases and noSQL options; specifically DynamoDB, MongoDB, and CouchDB. I have experience working with Phonegap / Titanium/Ionic 2 / Onesignal API Push and have also dabbled with native iOS development with Obj-C + Java on Android App.

My favorite API are :
Stripe / MongoPay or Braintree

I prefer developing in and deploying to a Unix environment, but I am just as comfortable working with the MS stack if necessary. Git is my preferred SCM, but I have experience managing source with Bitbucket SVN, TFS, and CVS as well.

I used to managing a project with milestone, get paid on your satisfaction and also with agile method (scrum)

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